Paul Trust

I hate bios, so here's the cliff notes:

We all hate bios, so here's the cliff notes:

I started as a drummer with a really big drum set.  Then attended University of Miami and received a degree in Music Engineering.  From there landed a job in a Miami studio, used late nights to record my band, had a song that went to the top of some radio charts and got a deal with Sony Records.  Because I got a record deal, a lot of bands in South Florida wanted me to produce them.  That led to signing bands and more deals.  The first one of those bands also went on tour with Duran Duran so I went as the tour manager which was insanely cool.  Then I was asked to do production and engineering for the team that did Avril Lavigne…all while living in their guest house in LA.  They were working with Katy Perry so I recorded and hung with her a few times.  Then moved back to FLA, decided to drum again, got another deal and toured with another band. Touring in a van sucked.  Signed more bands got more deals.  Luckily some of the artists that I worked with got really big.  I'll give you all the details and drop more names if you want me to, just hit me up.