Some things that are well known and some things that have never been released.  My chance to show you some of my favorites.


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from the vault

Jesse Strange

"Love on the Telephone"


The year was 1989.  I had just graduated form University of Miami with a music engineering degree and got a job at a local studio.  Of course I used off time to record my own.  I used the lure of the studio to go around town and bring in the best guys from the best bands I had see in the the local club scene.  Long story short we recorded this song and thru the help of the owners of the studio sent it out to radio stations across the country.  Incredible the song was added to major markets all across the country and actually went to #1 in five cities.  After that we were able to land a deal with Epic/Sony Records.  
Well Sony sat on the record for far too long and by the time they released it hair metal was going extinct and I was taught the valuable lesson of staying ahead of the curve stylistically. 

Creative notes:

At the time I thought (and sort of still do) that Mutt Lange was god.  Since our singer sort of had a Joe Elliot style voice we went FULL Def Leppard.  The song pokes fun at the telephone phone sex commercial that were allover the place at the time.